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William L. Conole
Crouse Community Center, Inc.
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Morrisville, NY 13408
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Crouse Community Center offers several job opportunities in the healthcare field. For general information about employment opportunities please call Crouse Community Center's Business Office at 315-684-9595.
Please note that Crouse Community Center offers special onsite training to enable individuals to become Certified Nursing Assistant's. Crouse Community Center fully sponsors a four-week certified nursing assistant class as needed during the year in the facility. In our CNA training program you will be paid while you learn. Training is provided by a Registered Nurse instructor. If you are interested in caring for the elderly and those in need of rehabilitative care in a long term care setting, please contact our Nursing Staffing Coordinator's Office at 315-684-9595 for more information about this opportunity.
An application for employment and reference authorization forms can be requested by calling Crouse Community Center at 315-684-9595, by accessing the forms under the "Related Links" column or by email request