Effective Monday, 2/15/21 CCC will resume visitation!!

Crouse Community Center

Fact Sheet for Visitation

Effective 2/15/2021

Crouse Community Center (CCC) will resume visitation in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Department of Health on September 15, 2020.

Visitation will be limited to 3 residents and 2 visitors INDOORS in our main dining room to meet NYS guidelines of “no more than 10 individuals” at one time.

As per NYS Department of health, All visitors must bring in proof that a NEGATIVE Covid-19 test was completed within the last 7 days.  This will be strictly enforced.  Please go to www.madisoncounty.ny.gov for weekly testing locations on the “new flash” section of the main page.

You must contact the receptionist between 9am and 4pm in order to make a visitation appointment.  Please only 3 visits per resident each week to allow every resident an opportunity to visit loved ones.

Visiting hours are Monday thru Friday from 10:00 AM-11:00 AM and 2:00PM-3:00PM, excluding holidays.  Each visit will be for only 20 minutes, starting at the top and bottom of each hour, to allow for 5 minutes to clean stations and 5 minutes to screen visitors.

Please park your car in the main parking lot and enter the main door and stay to the right of the receptionist desk to socially distance from other visitors.  Please follow the floor and wall signs to stay safe.

Visitors will be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID 19 prior to visiting a resident, please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  If the visitor does not pass the screening questions and temperature check, the visit will be denied.

  • A separate log will be maintained with visitor identifying data for the department of health for the purpose of contact tracing.
  • Staff will be present monitoring visitation, ensuring safe social distancing and ensuring cleaning and disinfection in between visits.
  • Visitors must maintain 6 foot distancing at all times. (no hugging and kissing)
  • Visitors and residents must sanitize hands and wear masks at all times during the visit.
  • Visitors may bring in items for their loved ones, and the screener/monitor will send to their room.
  • Eating/drinking is prohibited during the visit.
  • Residents may have up to 2 visitors at any one time, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, per Department of Health.
  • Any resident or visitor currently on precautionary or mandated quarantine are not eligible for visitation. This includes travel to/from a travel restricted state or country.

If a visitor fails to adhere to the protocol, he/she will be prohibited from visiting for the duration of the COVID 19 New York State declared public health emergency as per the NYS Department of Health.

Window visits are still allowed on evenings and weekends, please make sure windows stay closed at all times.

Unfortunately, if a resident or staff member tests positive, the ability for CCC to have visitation will be revoked for 14 days.