COVID-19 UPDATE: January 21, 2022
Our residents continue to be COVID-19 free.
Currently, we have 4 employees out due to COVID-19.
We continue to test all staff and residents every week to help catch any outbreaks that may come into the building and we will continue to post updates on Facebook and our website on COVID-19.
COVID-19 UPDATE: January 13, 2021
Our residents continue to be COVID-19 free.
Six of our staff members are currently out due to COVID-19 and one remains out due to being exposed.
All visitors must wear a KN95 or N95 mask at all times to visit and will need a negative rapid test at least the day prior OR PCR test at least 2 days prior to visit.
Crouse Community Center will provide FREE rapid test kits provided by New York State, as supplies allow, for visitors to use in their car prior to visiting. Visitors must bring the actual rapid test from the car to verify they are negative. If positive, please do not come back in the building and call front desk. It will be the responsibility of the visitor to report their test result to your County or State.
*** Please note Morrisville State College now has a FREE testing clinic which can be used for testing or to confirm a positive rapid test***
COVID-19 UPDATE: January 11, 2022
All residents are still NEGATIVE with today's round of testing.
As of today, we have 6 of our employees out with COVID and 2 additional staff that are also furloughed because of exposure. We continue to test our staff weekly and if anyone experiences symptoms.
The Governor mentioned last week that Nursing Homes would receive tests for visitors to use prior to a resident visit. The state has not issued the written guidance yet as of 1:30pm today. We are planning on starting FREE visitor testing tomorrow in anticipation of the guidance coming out later today and ask that families come in 15 minutes prior to your visit so we can assist you in taking the test.
COVID 19 UPDATE: January 8th 2022
Our resident population continues to be COVID negative.
We have 4 staff members who are out with COVID and 4 others who have been exposed and are furloughed.
We continue to monitor our residents and staff each day and have ample tests available for the next 30 days.
COVID-19 UPDATE: Jan 5, 2022
All residents tested negative yesterday as we continue to follow CDC guidance to test residents weekly due to having positive staff members.
We currently have THREE positive staff members out of work and SIX who have been furloughed with symptoms while we wait for a confirmation PCR test, as they all tested negative with a Rapid Test.
The NY DOH issued new Healthcare guidance last night that we are now following which will mean furloughing staff for at least 7 days ("CONVENTIONAL RESTRICTIONS") that are exposed which could greatly impact our staffing in the future.
There is also guidance which limits the furloughing of staff if our staffing becomes a concern ("CONTINGENCY RESTRICTIONS") and guidance if staffing is considered a crisis ("CRISIS RESTRICTIONS").
All staff are wearing K95 or 95 Masks and eye protection to ensure we can keep working and not expose each other or the residents.
We are giving free N95 masks to visitors to wear for visits to ensure residents are protected as best as possible.
Hopefully this surge will last only 2-3 more weeks. We will continue to update FB and our website with any news updates.
COVID-19 UPDATE:    12/30/2021
All residents are still COVID-19 NEGATIVE after testing all this morning.
Another staff member did test positive and a couple staff members are out with symptoms and are awaiting a second COVID-19 test to ensure they are are not positive.
We will continue to monitor and test until this wave subsides.
Please have a Happy New Year!
COVID-19 UPDATE:      12/28/2021
We have 3 staff members that have tested positive the last two days and several who tested negative, but we have furloughed to make sure they are not COVID-19 positive.
All residents have been tested and are currently negative.
We have been testing all staff up to twice a week for over a month now and we will continue weekly testing until this COVID waive has subsided.
Residents will again be tested Thursday, unless any exhibit symptoms earlier.
We continue to screen all our staff and visitors and offer free testing to anyone that has symptoms.
If an outbreak occurs, Crouse Community Center has all needed PPE and have already spoken to our pharmacy about antibody treatments if needed.