COVID-19 Update: 10/7/2022

We have had several more residents and staff test positive over the last 2 days. Testing will continue for those that are symptomatic and/or highly exposed over the weekend.

In speaking with our State Epidemiologist, we will be COHORTING residents on their units to minimize having to relocate residents all over the building. We continue to follow all CDC and NYS guidance.

Residents are being treated with the antivirals and continue to have mild symptoms.

Thank You.


COVID19 UPDATE:  10/5/2022

We had a resident test positive for COVID-19 today and we immediately went into outbreak testing mode to determine if there are any other residents that maybe positive.

At this time we have 5 residents that are positive and have been isolated and will be treated with antivirals.

In speaking with our assigned Epidemiologist, generally the BA 5 variant has spread quickly in Nursing Facilities over the last few months with much less severity than previous COVID19 variants, especially with the antivirals as treatments.

There is a VERY high rate of COVID-19 in the community so be vigilant.

If this was anything like last Spring's variant, it will be head and chest congestion for 10-14 days.

We will not limit visitation and will be mandating N95 masks for all visitors to protect themselves. If you are feeling ill, please do not visit at this time.


COVID-19 Update: June 6, 2022
Crouse Community Center currently has no active COVID-19 cases for residents or staff and continues to follow all guidance set forth from the CDC, CMS, and NYS DOH.